14 – Nimrod Destroyed, FARC Accord Update, Viking News and Schindler Museum

History News: Colombian Peace Update, Nimrud Destroyed, New Akkadian City, Viking Toolbox, Wives and Colonies, Shakespeare’s Curtain, New Luxor Mummy, Hidden Pyramid, Auschwitz in VR, New Confederate Museum, Circus Maximus Ruins, New Schindler Museum


Image credit: El Castillo (pyramid of Kukulcán) in Chichén Itzá, 18 August 2009, Daniel Schwen, Creative Commons Attribution Share alike 4.0

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Show Notes

This week, we start with follow up on the Colombian Peace Process, we see the destruction caused by ISIS to ancient Nimrud in Iraq, but there’s also some good news with the discovery of a nearby Bronze Age city. Then we hear about several new discoveries about Viking tools, society and colonies and we cover the end of excavations at the Curtain Theatre in London.

Also, there’s a new mummy at Luxor, there’s a hidden pyramid at Chichen Itza, and Auschwitz gets the Virtual Reality treatment, in all of its horror. Finally, a new Civil War museum is being built in Tennessee, an exhibition opens at the Circus Maximus in Rome and a new Holocaust memorial will open in a Schindler factory in the Czech Republic.

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