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A news show about the history that touches all of us…

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The History News Show brings you the most recent news from the worlds of history, archeology, museums, cultural institutions, and much more.

Topics touch on every time periods and geographical areas of human history; I even deal with prehistory, as well as myths and legends! (as long as there is some historical basis to them)

Every episode covers the latest news stories about historical and archaeological finds. Also included are some “regular news stories” that have a strong historical significance, or that have an impact on the fields of history and archaeology. I also pick a couple of commemorations, anniversaries and important historical dates for the current month. Finally, I sometimes talk about some book reviews and museum exhibitions worth taking a look at. (I don’t review the books, so your mileage may vary!)

History Behind the News are special episodes that present the historical background of important events in the world. The idea is to augment our knowledge of these issues by understanding what is behind them, and what history can teach us.


Regular episodes of the History News Show come out every two weeks, with special episodes of History Behind the News on a “less” regular basis! Episodes vary in length depending on the content, but are usually anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes.

Many thanks to Tom Merritt of the Daily Tech News Show, for giving me the permission to imitate his title! His podcast has been a big inspiration for mine in terms of format, and his Today in Tech History has even made it into my show. If you like to keep current on technology news, give him a listen!

About me

My name is Jordane, and yes, my first language is French, but I produce episodes in English, with an ever so slight accent ! I live in Montreal, Canada, and I am currently finishing a Master’s degree in Public History at UQÀM.

What is public history, you wonder?

Public history is about doing historical research and communicating the results directly to the public, rather than only to other historians in universities. You can find public historians in historic sites and museums, working for national or local government heritage programs, or writing mass market history books or magazines. Some public historians also work on TV or radio, and now podcasts too!

I bring to this podcast my ability to do research and communicate the results effectively (hopefully!). Also, I have a broad knowledge of many historical periods and fields, which I’ll be using to put in context the various news items and discoveries I come across every episode.

Feedback and contact

If you like the show and/or want to give feedback, or for any inquiries and topic ideas, write to:

feedback (at) historynewsshow (dot) com

Or fill in the following form:

18 - Main frame
A view of the City of Quebec, the capital of Canada, taken partly from Pointe des Peres, and partly on board the Vanguard man of war, 1893 / by Captain Hervey Smyth ; P. Benazech scalp. Public domain, from Bibliothèques et Archives nationales du Québec



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