18 – Pause of HNS Podcast, Celtic Grave Treasure, Arthurian Kingdom and Black History Month 2017

History News: Goebbels’ Secretary Dies, Otzi’s Last Meal, Operation Pandora, Western Civ Origins, Timeline Maya Collapse, Maya Causeways, Danube Celtic Treasure, Jersey Celtic Hoard, Namibia Colonial Leftovers, Kingdom of Rheged, Polish History Polemic, Black History Month 2017


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Show Notes

Important announcement:

The History News Show will pause for a few months, until I finish my Master’s degree in History. I will be back at the end of Summer 2017.

This episode, we start with some follow up about Goebbels’ secretary and about Otzi the Iceman. Then we hear about a pan-European police operation that targeted antiquities traffickers, we reconsider the origins of Western civilisation, and we also reconsider the time of the death of the Mayan civilisation.

Also: some pictures of two famous Celtic archaeological finds, a controversy about Germany’s colonial past in Africa, a new book about an Ancient Arthurian Kingdom, we touch on Poland’s World War II controversy and finally, it’s Black History Month in February!

Links for this episode:


Follow up : Goebbels secretary Dies

Follow up : Otzi’s Last Meal

Operation Pandora: Large Police Operation Against Antiquities Traffickers in Europe

Western Civilisation Origins Reconsidered

Timeline of Maya Collapse Pinpointed

Maya ‘Superhighways’ Revealed by LiDAR

Celtic Grave on Danube Full of Treasure

KeltenBlock Original Article in Journal Archaeology

Exploration of Jersey Celtic Hoard Finalized

Youtube: Jersey Celtic Hoard

In the News: 

German Colonial Statue Causes Tensions in Namibia

Book review: 

Lost Medieval Kingdom of Rheged May Be Found


Historians, Government Officials Clash Over Polish History at New Museum

Poland’s Museum of the Second World War

Black History Month 2017

Black History Month in Canada

African American History Month in the USA

Association for the Study of African American Life and History


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