17 – More Dead Sea Scrolls, Mary Beard Finds Tudor Tapestry, Confort Women Row and Obama’s National Monuments

History News: Palmyra Destroyed Again, Sirwan Project, Egypt’s Tourism, New Dead Sea Scrolls, Hagia Sophia’s Sound, Tudor Tapestry, Archaeosub, Confort Women Row, CIA Archives Online, Digital Penn Museum, New Mein Kampf, Obama’s National Parks Legacy


Image credit: Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey, by Omar David Sandoval Sida, 4 July 2016, Creative Commons

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This week, we’ll start with some follow-up on the antiquities situation in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, with the usual mix of very bad news and some minor good news. Then we’ll uncover some new Dead Sea Scrolls, we’ll see how a historian found a priceless Tudor tapestry on Google, and we’ll hear how the Hagia Sophia of Istanbul used to sound during mass.

Also, Marine archaeology is about to get a boost from drones, the Japan-South-Korea dispute over Confort Women is far from over, the CIA archives are finally online, the Philadelphia Penn Museum has a new digital portal, Hitler’s Mein Kampf is selling very well again after more than 90 years, and we’ll take a look at the US National Parks Service Centennial, as well as outgoing President Obama’s legacy on the natural and historical heritage of America.

Links for this episode:


Satellites Help Evaluate Syrian Heritage Destruction

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)

ASOR’s Cultural Heritage Initiatives

Breaking news : Tetrapylon and Roman Theatre destroyed in Palmyra

Sirwan Regional Project : Research and Protection of Ancient Mesopotamia

Egypt’s Tourism Shortfall: Struggle to Finance Conservation and Restauration

New Ancient Egyptian Tombs Found

Return of Five Egyptian Artefacts Smuggled into US

New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Found

Hagia Sophia’s Sound

Historian Mary Beard Finds Priceless Tapestry

Submarine Drone Transform Marine Archaeology

Tech in History: 

History of Technology by Tom Merritt – Daily Tech Headlines

In the News: 

Rekindling of Japan – South Korea Row Over Comfort Women


CIA Opens Online Access to Archives



New Online Collection: Digital Penn Museum


Hitler’s Mein Kampf New Edition « Overwhelming Demand » in Germany

Centennial of US National Parks Service and Obama’s Legacy: 

Look Back on 100 Years Anniversary of US Parks

Obama’s Heritage Conservation Legacy

Bears Ears National Monument

New Civil War Ear National Monuments:

Reconstruction National Monument

New Harriet Tubman Historical Park in Auburn

New Civil Rights Era National Monuments:

Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument

Freedom Riders National Monument


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