16 – Ancient Greek City Found, Franklin’s Demise, Nimrud and Palmyra News and La Trinite Shipwreck

History News: Nimrud Salvaged Inscriptions, Hidden Christian Texts, ISIS Retakes Palmyra, Old Aleppo Destroyed, Franklin Expedition Zinc, Greek City Found, Face of Robert the Bruce, Bordeaux Necropolis, La Trinite Shipwreck, Viola Desmond Bill


Image credit: Frontal view on the Citadel of Aleppo, Memorize, 26 May 2010, Creative Commons

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This week, we start with some follow-up about the destruction of Nimrud, we’re happy to learn some Christian texts were hidden from ISIS, but this group re-enters Palmyra, and Old Aleppo is retaken but destroyed.

We hear of the reason why the Franklin Expedition was so unlucky they all died, we discover a 2500 year old Greek city, we take a look at the ugly mug of Robert the Bruce of Scotland, and we dig up some old bones in Bordeaux.

Also, La Trinité, the shipwreck that changed American history, there will be a new face on the 10$ Canadian bill, and the Dutch return several artefacts back to Ukraine and Italy.

Links for this episode:


Follow-up: IRAQ Inscriptions Survive ISIS Destruction of Nimrud

(In Pictures: Nimrud Destruction)

Live Science: ISIS May Face War-Crime Charges for Destruction of Historic Sites

Ancient Texts Hidden From ISIS in Christian Monastery

(In Pictures: Ancient Texts Hidden from ISIS)

ISIS Re-enters Palmyra 

Old Aleppo Retaken and Destroyed 

Zinc Deficiency, Not Lead Poisoning, Led to Franklin Expedition Demise

2500 Year Old Greek City Discovered

(In Video: Greek City Discovered)

King Robert the Bruce of Scotland Facial Reconstruction 

Bordeaux Necropolis Found in City Center

(In Pictures: Bordeaux Necropolis – in French)

La Trinité: Shipwreck That Changed History Found off Florida Coast

In French: La France réclame l’épave de La Trinité

In the News: 

Civils Rights Icon Viola Desmond to Appear on CAD10$

Bank of Canada Press Release on New Bank Note

(In Video: Viola Desmond On Heritage Minutes)

Situation on Harriet Tubman $20 Bill in United States

Dutch Court Rules Crimean Artifacts on Loan Will Return to Ukraine

BBC: Crimean Gold Must Go Back to Ukraine, says Dutch Court


Julia Domna’s Head Returned to Italy


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