15 – First Egyptian City, First Plymouth Settlement, Nazi West Germany and Erotic Pompeii

History News: Follow-up: Colombia, China, Iraq Kurdistan and Nimrud. Antiquities Conference, Palmyra Loot, First Egyptian City, Plymouth Settlement, Saint Olaf of Norway, Post-War Nazi Germany, Turkey’s 3D Museum Tours, Fake Mixtec Skull, Erotic Pompeii


Image credit: “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe. Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal. Public Domain. 

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This week, we go through some follow-up on Colombia, on China’s Terracotta Army, on Iraqi Kurdistan, and on Nimrud. We’ll hear a call to protect antiquities the world over, Swiss Customs seize some looted artefacts, a new ancient Egyptian city is discovered near Abydos, we find the boundaries of the Plymouth Pilgrims colony, and the first tomb of Saint Olaf is found in Norway.

Also, we wonder on the extent of Nazi influence in Post-War Germany, we see some pretty cool 3D virtual tours in Turkey, we find out about a fake Mexican head, we see the restoration of a destroyed 17th century world map, and we hear about the Pompeii exhibition of erotic Roman frescoes!

Links for this episode:


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150 New Archaeological Sites in Iraqi Kurdistan

Nimrud Destruction and Reconstruction Hopes


Nobel Laureates Call to Action to Save Antiquities

Swiss Authorities Seize Looted Palmyra Antiquities

Ancient Egyptian City Discovered Near Abydos

Plymouth Pilgrims First Settlement Found

Saint Olaf Tomb Found in Norway

3D Models of Saint-Clement Church in Trondheim

In the News: 

Nazi Networks in Post War Germany Under Investigation

Book review: 

Article on Book: Lost England by Philip Davies

Image Gallery: Lost England by Philip Davies


Turkey’s Zeugma Museum Virtual Tours

Zeugma Museum Website

Ancient Mixtec Skull Declared Forgery by Dutch Museum

National Library of Scotland Magazine Article on 17th c. Map

The Chimney Map (YouTube)

Unravelling the Chimney Map (YouTube)

Pompeii Erotic Mosaics Open to Public


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