13 – Forty Black Sea Shipwrecks, Jesus’s Tomb Opened, Italy Tremors Damage and Armistice Day

History News: Scan Pyramids Update, 40 Black Sea Shipwrecks, Laos Plain of Jars, Earlier Colonization of Australia, Jesus’s Tomb Opened, Italy Earthquakes Damage and Theft, Crowdfunded Conservation at Smithsonian, Aberdeen Bestiary, Armistice Day


Image credit: CEA Muon telescope setup on Khufu. Used with permission from the ScanPyramids mission, All Rights Reserved

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Show Notes

This week, we get some results from the Scan Pyramids Project in Egypt, we take a look at some amazing underwater 3D photography of more than 40 shipwrecks in the Black Sea, we fly drones over the Plain of Jars in Laos, and we learn just how long ago humans have colonized Australia.

Also, Jesus’s Tomb is opened for the first time in centuries, recurring earthquakes threaten Italy’s heritage, the Smithsonian is calling for contributions, high resolution photography give new insights into an old medieval manuscript, and we commemorate the 11th of November in France.

Links for this episode: 


Scan Pyramids Project Update

More than 40 Shipwrecks Found in Black Sea

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project

Laos Plain of Jars Mapped by Drone

Monash University CAVE2 Interactive Visualization pdf

Aboriginal Australians Colonized Interior 10,000 Years Earlier

Phys.org : Humans settled earlier in Australia’s remote outback

History in the News:

Jesus’ Tomb Renovation Update

AP: Italy Earthquakes Damages to Historical Buildings


Smithsonian Fundraising for Wizard of Oz Exhibition

Kickstarter Campaign: Conserve Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Digital imagery reveals secrets of 800-year-old ‘royal’ book

Aberdeen Bestiary Online


Armistice Day in France

Remembrance Day Worldwide – Wikipedia

Armistice of 1918 – Wikipedia

Mort pour la France – Wikipedia

Bleut de France/Cornflower – Wikipedia

Sonnerie au drapeau – Youtube, Unknown Composer and Artist, Public Domain

La Marseillaise (French National Anthem) Composer: Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle (1760–1836), Performance artist: United States Navy Band, 2004, Creative Commons: Public Domain

Sonnerie aux morts – Youtube, Composer: commandant Pierre Dupont, Garde Républicaine, Unknown Performance artist, Public Domain


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