12 – Alan Turing Music, 3D Pompeii, Biblical Stone Toilet and Chinese Cannabis Grave

History News: Alan Turing’s Electronic Music, 3D Pompeii Villa, Biblical Stone Toilet, Ancient Rental Contract, New Dead Sea Scrolls, Ancient Pharmacy, Amazing Spanish Cave Drawings, Ancient Cannabis Grave, Greek Terra Cotta Warriors, Amundsen’s Maud, and more.


Image credit: Pompeii – Street of the Tombs ca. 1900, Author unknown.
Original image: Photochrom print (color photo lithograph)
Reproduction number: LC-DIG-ppmsc-06583 from Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Photochrom Prints Collection. Public Domain. 

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Show Notes

This week, we hear the first electronic music from Alan Turing’s computer, we see the inside of a Roman villa in 3D, we learn how a stone toilet was used in Biblical times, we read an ancient rental contract, we discover new Dead Sea Scrolls and the contents of a Roman pharmacy, we hear of the most amazing Spanish cave drawings, we take a look at a pot-filled grave, and we ask: did the Chinese have Greek help in making the Terra Cotta warriors?

Also, Amundsen’s ship is salvaged, a massive Greek looting ring is busted, Hurricane Matthew reveals some explosives, and we hear of a new digital collection and a new massive open online course.

Links for this episode:


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Ancient Greek Rental Agreement

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Pharmacy Supplies Manufacture Discovered in Turkey

Spain’s Most Amazing Cave Drawings

Ancient Cannabis Burial Shroud in a Central Eurasian Cemetery

Greek Help in Carving Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors?

Amundsen’s Polar Explorer Ship “Maud” Salvaged

History in the News:

Massive Greek Looting Ring Broken Up

Hurricane Matthew Civil War Ordnance Blown Up


Independence Days October (Wikipedia)


NYC Archaeology Digital Collection

New MOOC Taught by World Famous Curator

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Cover art by Philippe O’Connor

Music: Noble March, by Mjollnir, from Audio Jungle

Author: Jordan

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