11 – Otzi’s Murder, Nazi Time Capsule, Pool of Petra and Turkey’s Looted Art

History News: Antikythera Skeleton, 1665 Plague of London, HMS Terror Confirmed, Petra’s Pool & Gardens, Otzi’s Murder & Voice, Nazi Time Capsule, Burned Biblical Scroll, Turkey’s Antiquities Exports, Agent Garbo’s Wife, US Indigenous Lawsuits, Obama Opens NMAAHC


Image credit: Photo by Alan Karchmer, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Architectural Photography

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Show Notes

This week, we follow up on the Antikythera Shipwreck, where they found a skeleton, on the Great Plague of London’s cause(s) and on Parks Canada’s confirmation of HMS Terror’s discovery. We also discover a huge pool in the desert at Petra, Otzi the Iceman was murdered 5 millennia ago, but he now speaks again! A Nazi time capsule is dug up in Poland, a Burned Biblical Scroll is readable again, we find evidence of looted antiquities passing through Turkey to the US, and we read secret documents about one of Britain’s most successful spies!

Also, the Obama Administration settles Native American lawsuits, the world’s oldest library is renovated in Fez, Morocco, and as promised, I debrief you on the Grand Opening of the long awaited National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Links for this episode:


Antikythera Shipwreck Skeleton (follow-up)

Return on the Great Plague of London of 1665 (follow-up)

Parks Canada Confirms discovery of HMS Terror (follow-up)

Discovery of Pool and Gardens at Petra

Otzi The Iceman Killed by Surprise

Otzi The Iceman’s « Voice » Reconstructed

Sound of Otzi’s Voice (YouTube)

Nazi Time Capsule Discovered in Poland

Burned Biblical Scroll Scanned

Virtually Unwrapping the En-Gedi Scroll (YouTube)

Book of Leviticus on Wikipedia

Evidence of Massive Looting Passing Through Turkey

Spy’s Wife Nearly Derailed Double Cross Operation

UK National Archives – News

History Behind the News: 

Obama Administration Settling Half Billion Worth of Indigenous Lawsuits

DOJ Settlements of Tribal Trust Accounting and Management Lawsuits


Oldest Library Gets Renovated in Morocco

Photos of Al-Karaouine University, Mosque and Library

Grand Opening of the NMAAHC by President Obama

Video of Obama Speech – Opening of NMAAHC

NMAAHC Website

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Cover art by Philippe O’Connor

Music: Noble March, by Mjollnir, from Audio Jungle

Image credit: Photo by Martin Kalfatovic, Flickr.com, Interior of the Al-Karaouine Library, Fes, Morocco, May 2013

Image credit: Photo by Anderson sady, Al-Karaouine University, Fes, Morocco, Wikimedia, June 2010

Author: Jordan

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