10 – Franklin’s HMS Terror Found, London’s 1665 Plague, NMAAHC Grand Opening

History News: Franklin’s HMS Terror Discovered! Aphrodite Statues in Petra, 1665 London Black Plague, Jane Haining’s Testament, Looted Egyptian Statuette Returned, Turkey-Austria Ephesus Row, 100th of the Tank, Smithsonian Design Collection, NMAAHC Grand Opening

HMS Erebus and Terror in the Antarctic (1847), by James Wilson Carmichael, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Public Domain

Image credit: HMS Erebus and Terror in the Antarctic (1847), by James Wilson Carmichael (1800-1868), National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Public Domain

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Show Notes

This week, we discover the HMS Terror from the Lost Franklin Expedition, we reveal two Venuses out of Petra’s rubble, we analyze the bacteria responsible for the 1665 Great Plague of London, we hail a Scottish Hero of the Holocaust, and we see some looted artefacts returned to Egypt.

Also, Turkey shuts down Austrian digs in Ephesus, we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tank, the Smithsonian Design Museum makes it collection available online, and we hear of the upcoming grand opening of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Links for this episode:


Franklin Expedition HMS Terror Found in Canadian Arctic (The Guardian)

Sir John Franklin’s long-lost HMS Terror believed found (CBC)

Aphrodite Statues discovered in Petra, Jordan

Yersinia Pestis Cause of London 1665 Plague

Hero of the Holocaust Jane Haining’s Will and Documents Found (The Guardian)

Documents ‘shed light’ on Scotswoman killed at Auschwitz (BBC)

Looted Art Returned to Egypt From Mexico

Behind the News:

Turkey Shuts Down Austrian Researchers’ Dig Site at Ephesus

Commemorations and Anniversaries:

100th Anniversary of First Use of Tanks

Today in Tech History, from Tom Merritt


Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Digitization Project

CH Design Collection Online


NMAAHC Grand Opening on September 24th-25th

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