9 – The Anthropocene Epoch, Mussolini’s Message, Mummies Scanned and Myanmar Earthquake

History News: Anthropocene Epoch, Mussolini Time Capsule, Justinian’s Plague, Mummies’ Facial Reconstruction and Tattoos, Pre-Colombia Codex, Poseidon Mosaic, Myanmar and Italy Earthquakes, Labor Day, Central America Independence, Lynching Memorial, Slavery Museum, Great Fire of London 1666, Mary Rose Artefacts in 3D, Writings from Ancient Egypt


Image credit: Ruins of Bagan, Burma, 1999, by Nicholas Kendrick, CC BY 2.0

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Show Notes

This week, we enter the Anthropocene Epoch, we hear about Mussolini’s Time Capsule, we analyze the Plague’s DNA, we reconstruct the face and the tattoos of Egyptian mummies, we scan for hidden Mexican texts and we learn of the discovery of a Poseidon mosaic.

Also, we talk about the damage earthquakes in Myanmar and Italy have inflicted on those countries’ heritage, we celebrate Labor Day in the US and Canada, as well as five Independence Days in Central America, and we announce the building of a museum and memorial to slavery and lynching in the United States.

Links for this episode:


The Anthropocene Epoch Has Begun

Mussolini’s Time Capsule Under Obelisk

Plague of Justinian DNA Analysis

Mummy Facial Reconstruction

Tattooed Mummy Scanned

Pre-Colombian Codex Selven Scanned

Original Article: Using hyperspectral imaging to reveal a hidden precolonial Mesoamerican codex

Poseidon Mosaic Found in Turkey

History in the News:

Bagan Earthquake Damage Assessment and Cleanup

Italy Amatrice Earthquake Damage to Heritage Buildings

Commemorations and anniversaries:

Labor Day in Canada and United States

Central American Independence Day – 15 September 1821


National Memorial to Lynching Victims and Museum from Enslavement to Mass Incarceration

Great Fire of London 350th Anniversary

Mary Rose Artefacts in 3D Website

Mary Rose Museum

Book Review:

Writings from Ancient Egypt, Penguin Classics, by Toby Wilkinson

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