8 – Otzi’s Clothes, Stonehenge’s Wood Henge, Roman Curses and Goebbels’ Secretary

History News: Otzi’s Leathers, Wood Henge, Cyprus Rich Tomb and Chariot Mosaic, Gold Roman Curse Tablets, Sword Tip at The Alamo, Polish Death Camp Law, Goebbels’ Secretary Documentary, Widespread Looting of Egypt and Public vs Academic Historians.


Image credit: Stonehenge, 2014 By Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Show Notes

This week, we analyze Otzi’s Leathers, we discover NOT a stone henge near Stonehenge, we go back to Cyprus for more mosaics and gold, we get cursed from beyond a Roman grave, and we follow up on the Reimagine the Alamo dig.

Also, a law in Poland seeks to ban a certain phrase, an old German lady tells us about the screaming Nazi “midget”, and we learn of the damage the Egyptian Revolution has done to the country’s antiquities.

Links for this episode:


Otzi’s Leather Clothes Identified

Otzi’s Official Website

Otzi on Wikipedia

No Stone Henge at Durrington

2015 article on Durrington Walls

Richest Bronze Age Tomb in Cyprus

4th Century Chariot Race Mosaic in Cyprus

Roman Gold Curse Tablet

Follow-up: Sword Tip found at The Alamo

History in the News:

New Polish Law on “Death Camp” Phrase

Goebbels Secretary Documentary

Brunhilde Pomsel Media Interview

Report on Widespread Looting of Egypt’s Artefacts since 2011 Revolution


Lipscomb’s Editorial on Public vs Academic Historian

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