7 – China’s Great Flood, The Alamo Dig, Camelot (maybe) Found and the Himmler Diaries

History News: China’s First Dynasty Flood, Atlantic Salmon and Water Mills, Reimagine the Alamo Digs, King Arthur’s Camelot Found? Himmler Diaries Found, Michelle Obama “White House built by slaves”, Smithsonian Beer Historian, August Independence Days, 100th US National Parc Service.


Image credit: The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, USA,
10 June 2009, by Daniel Schwen.

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Show Notes

This week, we hear of possible confirmation for China’s First Dynasty Great Flood myth, we find out why Atlantic Salmon all but disappeared from Europe, we learn of the Master Plan to Reimagine the Alamo in Texas, we wonder if Camelot, the court of King Arthur, has been found, and we hear chilling excerpts from the Himmler Diaries.

Also: Yes! the White House and the Capitol in Washington were indeed built by slaves, the Smithsonian Institution is looking for a special kind of historian, we commemorate the decolonization of Africa, and we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the US National Park Service.

Links for this episode:


China’s First Dynasty Flood Proof

Atlantic Salmon Medieval Stocks Collapse

Reimagine The Alamo Excavation

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Walls of King Arthur Palace Found?

Himmler Diaries Found in Russia

History in the News:

Michelle Obama: « White House Built by Slaves »

Smithsonian Looking for Beer Historian

American Food History Project

Beer Historian Job Posting


August: Wave of French Decolonisation in Africa


100th Anniversary of the US National Park Service

Find Your Park

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