6 – New Unesco World Heritage Sites, Twelve Labors Mosaic and Parthenon Marbles Bill

This week: Greek Shipwreck Graveyard, Britain’s Pompeii Dig Ends, Hercules 12 Labors Mosaic, Silk Road Diseases, Lost Colony of Roanoke, New UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Danish-Italian Looted Art Exchange, Parthenon Marbles Bill, Mary Rose Flagship on Display, Book review: The Games.


Image credit: Statuary from the east pediment of the Parthenon, at the British Museum.
By Ejectgoose, Own Work, Public Domain. Wikimedia

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Show Notes

This week, we learn of the end of a major dig in Cambridgeshire, England, we uncover the Twelve Labours of Hercules in Cyprus, we dig up a Chinese latrine on the Silk Road, and we wonder if the Lost Colony of Roanoke has finally been found!

Also, the new UNESCO World Heritage sites are announced, looted Etruscan artefacts are returned to Italy, the Parthenon Marbles are on track to do the same back to Greece, and the Mary Rose, favourite ship of Henry VIII, is finally unveiled!

Links for this episode:


Greek Shipwreck Graveyard

« Britain’s Pompeii » Must Farm Dig Ends

Hercules Twelve Labors Cyprus Mosaic

Proof of Spread of Diseases Along Silk Road

Silk Road Original Article

Lost Colony of Roanoke Found?

History in the News:

New UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Persian Qanat or Iran


Danish-Italian Looted Art Exchange

Carlsberg Gliptotek Press Release

Brexit Fallout: Parthenon Marbles Bill for Return to Greece

Parthenon Marbles Full Text of Proposal

Unveiling of the Mary Rose, Flagship of Henry VIII

Book review:

The Games, A Global History of the Olympics, by David Goldblatt

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