3 – Ruins at Petra and Angkor, Lorenz Cypher Found, and Sicily at the British Museum

This week: Lorenz cypher teleprinter, Roman writing tablets, X-rays medieval book bindings, New Petra building, Angkor Wat cities, Muon radiography at Giza, Modern vikings arrive, Holy Sepulchre renovations, Sicily at British Museum, Making Monte Carlo.


Image credit: Petra Treasury Building by Colin Tsoi, Dec. 11, 2013 CC BY-ND 2.0

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Show Notes

This week, we decipher 2000 year old Roman writing tablets, we x-ray some old book covers, and we hear about two major archaeological finds, at Petra, in the Kingdom of Jordan, and in Cambodia, around the famous temple of Angkor. Also: looting at Petersburg Civil War battle site, modern vikings land in Canada after a 1000 years, we announce the Sicily exhibition at the British Museum, we discover what made Monte Carlo, and finally, we learn what D-Day stands for.

Links for this episode:


Lorenz Cypher Teleprinter Found on eBay

Codes and Ciphers Website

Londinium Roman Writing Tablets Deciphered

Bloomberg YouTube video

Book Cover X-rays Reveal Hidden Medieval Manuscripts

Delft University Press Release

New Petra Building Found with Satellites and Drones

Google Street View – Petra Walk

Angkor Wat Empire Discovered in Cambodia Jungle with LIDAR

Cambodia LIDAR Scholarly article

Muon Radiography at Giza: Setup and Calibration

King Tut’s Dagger from Meteorite

History in the News:

Petersburg US Civil War Battle Site Looted

Modern Viking Ship Lands in Newfoundland after 1000 Years

Draken North Atlantic Expedition Website

Holy Sepulchre Church To Be Renovated – Finally

Key to the Church Held by Palestinians


Sicily at the British Museum

Book review:

Making Monte Carlo, by Mark Braude


Meaning of D-Day

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