2 – Caesarea Bronze Statues, Da Vinci’s Doom and Greenish Taj Mahal

This week: Caesarea bronze statues shipwreck, Roman barracks under Rome Metro, Sappho’s Midnight Poem dated, Strokes killed Da Vinci. Also, Taj Mahal turning green, WASPs buried at Arlington, Bison national animal, Battle of Verdun, Memorial Day and Saxon Gold.


Image credit: Taj Mahal, India. By UnknownHerkulaneischer Meister (Image:Puh213r1.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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This week, we find bronze statues from Imperial Rome at the bottom of Caesarea port, we unearth Praetorian barracks under Rome’s Metro Line C, we use star charts to date Sappho’s ancient Midnight Poem and we learn what killed Leonardo Da Vinci. In other news, Columbus’s stolen letter is returned to Florence, the Taj Mahal is turning green, WASPs can be buried at Arlington and the American bison becomes the national animal. Also: Battle of Verdun Centenary, Memorial Day in the US, Old NYC app, Walt Whitman manly health advice and Saxon gold hoard at Royal Armouries in Leeds.

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Roman Bronze Statues Shipwreck in Caesarea

on YouTube

Roman Barracks under Rome’s Metro Line C

Dating Sappho’s Midnight Poem

Scientific article from UTA

Da Vinci Killed by Strokes

Article in The Lancet (paywall)

Da Vinci Descendants

Stolen 1493 Columbus Letter Returned

On Documents as investments

History in the News:

Taj Mahal Turning Green

Other Damages to Taj Mahal

WASPs Buried at Arlington Cemetery

Law: H.R.4336 – An act to amend title 38

Law: American Bison National Animal

Department of Interior : 15 facts about American Bison

Commemorations and Anniversaries:

Battle of Verdun Centenary

Memorial Day

Memorial Day on Wikipedia

Today in Tech History


Old NYC app

Walt Whitman’s Manly Health Advice

Book Reviews:

Johann Trollmann and Romani Resistance to the Nazis, by Jud Nirenberg

An American Genocide, The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873, By Benjamin Madley

Museum Exhibition:

Warrior Treasures – Saxon Gold from the Staffordshire Hoard

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Sappho, the Poetess. By UnknownHerkulaneischer Meister Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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