1 – Vasco da Gama ships, Harriet Tubman on the 20 and May Day-Labour Day

Coming up: Vasco da Gama shipwreck found, scans and radars of Egypt’s pyramids and tombs, an exceptional Roman villa in England, a hoard of Roman coins in Spain, Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, May Day, Labour Day and Victoria Day


Image credit: Esmeralda Shipwreck: Excavating the Site by Airlifts. Used with permission: © 2016 The Nautical Archaeology Society

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This week, we’ll explore the Arabian Sea in search of the lost ships from the Vasco da Gama expeditions, and we’ll look through a Lady’s personal things in the Wadden Sea. In England, we’ll dig through a Roman villa and several ancient villages. In Egypt, we may — or may not — unlock the secrets of the Pharaohs with Japanese technology. We’ll also hear just how Mediaeval songs sounded, we’ll learn who will replace Jackson on the $20US bill, we’ll get at the origins of May Day – Labour Day and we’ll learn why Quebec never does things the same way with Victoria Day. And much more!

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Arabian Sea Vasco da Gama’s Esmeralda Shipwreck

Wadden Sea Lady’s Silk Dress

Egypt Scans of Pyramids and Tombs

Wiltshire Rich Roman Villa

Cambridgeshire Bronze Age Village

Lincolnshire Saxon Island Village

Seville Hoard of Roman Coins

Lost Mediaeval Song Performed Again

Mayan Child Sacrifices

Peru’s Norte Chico 4500 Years Mummy

Chauvet Cave Radiocarbon Dating

Australia Oldest Tool

Otzi The Ice Man Replicas

Shakespeare’s Lost Head

Captain Cook’s Endeavour May Be Found

History Behind the News

Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on $20US Bills

Commemorations and Anniversaries

May Day as a Spring Holiday

May Day as Labour Day

International Workers Day

May Day on Wikipedia

Jewish American Heritage Month

Victoria Day

Dollard Des Ormeaux

National Patriots Day (in French)

National Patriots Day on Wikipedia (in English)

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