Test Podcast – Soviet Terror Plaques, LIDAR, Oldest Dress and Black History Month

This week, we remember the victims of Stalin’s purges, lasers find Roman ruins, we look at the world’s oldest dress, we recap Black History Month, and much more!

Vidolanda Roman fort, imaged using LIDAR, Environment Agency, UK


Show notes

This week, we’ll hear about an effort to remember the victims of Stalin’s purges during the Great Terror; we’ll find out how lasers can help find ruins; we take a look at the world’s oldest surviving garment; we do a recap of Black History Month, and much more!

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Book Reviews

Ruling Minds: Psychology in the British Empire, by Erik Linstrum

Prof: Alan Turing Decoded, by Dermot Turing

Editorial on History by Suzannah Lipscomb

Music: Noble March, by Mjollnir, from AudioJungle.com

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